About Eden Business Share Company

Eden Business Share Company (EBSC) was established in 1998 (2005) under the (1952)1960 commercial code proclamation No.304-509 by about 35 founding business persons with a paid up capital of Birr 99.7 Million. And obtained a business entity from Federal Contract and Document Authentication Office in 2006 and received investment license from Southern Nation Nationalities and People Regional State (SNNPRS), Trade and Industry Development Office by Principal Registration Certificated Number 11020/98.

The Company has started operation on January 20, 2014 and has penetrated the Ethiopian Packed water market by providing quality product and satisfactory service, in Addis Ababa and in eight regional states. Because of its successful operation and promising profitability, the number of the shareholders is growing from time to time and has reached over 2,289 currently. EBSC is the only ingenious company that can be mentioned as a pioneer to choose and to implement a particular green business program among so many similar water bottling companies. And this particular impressive idea helps the company to answer the ever increasing societal question of the environment.


To see the products and services of Eden business in every house, market, work place and worldwide.


Supply the National and International markets with quality products and services that are produced under strict ethical and environmental friendly production process.

To supply

Eden Business Group is committed avail quality and healthy products to the international consumers from the sectors planned to be engaged on.